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"I just wanted to take a moment and express how delighted we are with your team as we continue to develop new ground. Having a partner that strives to fully understand our business and develop solutions through a world network of talented resources is uncommon in the recruiting arena. Your solid experience in the world market, with roots deep in the domestic landscape offer unique solutions to global issues for US based companies." — Vice President

"Jessica takes the time necessary to ensure that she presents the right candidates. Her integrity is admirable, she follows through and customer service is excellent! I truly enjoy working with Jessica. Her top qualities are Great Results, High Integrity, and Creative." — VP of Product Planning and Business Development

"I have had the opportunity to engage with a number of search firms for the past 20 plus years and have found MEI to be among the most professional and through. They have exhibited a keen understanding of how to connect candidates to the need of a prospective employer. Their search consultant demonstrated a band width of understanding for both candidates and potential employer that eliminated unproductive effort. I will continue to use MEI to fill all levels in our company as we restructure." — Manager, Supply Chain

"MEI was challenged to meet the requirements of providing a pool of high potential candidates...not only did they meet that goal, they also provided us with associates who will no doubt help change the culture of the company." — Executive Vice President

"The energy level and tenacity displayed in finding us highly qualified candidates was far superior to the other recruiters used during our recent search for two engineers. MEI filled both of the positions." — Lead Environmental & Safety Engineer

"You have gone well beyond just passing along resumes which is what I have found with some other recruiters. You have made a real effort to understand what we're looking for and to provide us with candidates that truly meet our criteria. You have a very formal, structured process that you use to filter the candidates which has saved me time as I have not had to look through a pile of resumes. You are always professional and upbeat which is helpful for all involved." — Chief Operations Officer

"MEI was thorough in getting an understanding of our needs and what we were seeking in the way of competencies for the positions. They were very professional and excellent communicators at keeping us informed of the progress of the search. They understood the importance of staying to the timeline defined and presented us with candidates matching our specifications." — HR Manager

"We've worked with MEI on two recruitments for critical executives and on both occasions, and while we were doing parallel recruitments, MEI was able to send the candidate that we ended up hiring. In fact, in one recruitment the MEI referred candidates were the second and third runners up for the position. MEI communication and flexibility has been excellent and both candidates are now productive members of our executive team. I would not hesitate to use them again." — Director of Human Resources

"In our recent search (for a Value Stream Manager/ Plant Manager) MEI provided high quality service. MEI understands that finding talent has to be a priority for everyone involved in the hiring process. The comprehensive research provided prior to the interview brought the candidates resume to life and helped tremendously in the hiring process." — Senior HR Representative

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